Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bicycle in the Snow

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10 x 13 in  -  25 x 33 cm     Watercolor    
Painted for a two hour challenge on it does not look too bad. The challenge is to pick and then paint a white subject from a small set of reference photos.

As aways there is a two hour max time limit. Of course with this style of painting I was well within that, comming out at bit over an hour.

The ref I picked comes courtesy of the Morguefile.

(Update Oct 2014 now in a private collection Georgia USA)


  1. Roger, this is VERY good. Your painting has improved so much over the years. Deb

  2. Roger, I think you did a fantastic job on this one!

  3. In my oppinion,there is something that it does not work. If you look carefully to the reference photo and then at the watercolor, you will see that the shadows on the snow, in the photo are conected being almost a single shape (more or less) In your watercolour the shadows on the snow are a little bit confusing.

    It is only an opinon.

    Any way you have a nice watercolor blog.