Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sun Shades

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8 x 12 in  -  20 x 30 cm     Acrylic     This is from a weekly two hour challenge that is held at PaintingFriends.com

I took about 1 hour 30 on this. To be honest a lot of that time was spent mixing the colours. I did no 'under drawing', basically because when I do it gets wiped out with the first few strokes.

This is the ref photo, used with permission of Desiree, which I only slightly cropped in order to close in on the sun shades.

It was the colours that made me think of using acrylics. I always forget that with acrylics you have to work so very hard to mix the colours you want. Of course the real solution is to reserve acrylics for subjects that don't require a lot of colour mixing.

I think I am pleased with this as I did manage to get some of the feel I was after but the lack of good acrylic technique does show.

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  1. Roger, your interpretation is better than the photo IMO. :)