Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Ford at Kersey

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14 x 21 in  -  35 x 53 cm     Watercolor     I have come to see that what I am striving for in my painting is to be both loose and where possible be a one touch painter. By one touch I mean never going over an area twice, unless of course, that was part of the original plan.

I took the reference photo on a "Paint with John Yardley" week in 2007.

You can see there that the painting is mainly one touch. I agree there a quite a few places where a "second go over" would make it better. Like the three center rooves. But I if let myself correct these sorts of things then I will never learn to mix the paint strong enough first time.

So the plan is to stick this on the wall and so have me staring at my mistakes to prod me to better things.

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  1. The scene is charming, more appealing than in the photo, and I love the reflectivity of the water.