Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Desiree's Paradise

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9 x 7 in  -  23 x 18 cm     Heavy Body Acrylic    

This was done in around 50 minutes for a 2 hour challenge set at PaintingFriends.com.

This is the Ref supplied and show here with kind permission of Desiree.

I have very little skill at using heavy bodied acrylics, but you won't get anywhere if you don't make an effort to improve. One exercise I did while trying to paint this was that of counting the strokes.

I painted background prior to starting the count. After that you count every stroke you make. The idea is to train yourself, in a medium in which you are trying to show the strokes of the brush, to only paint strokes that do something that have a purpose.

I painted this with 179 strokes, not counting the background.


  1. Roger, you have captured the style of one of my favorite painters in this painting -- the late Charles Sovek. Look at his website and tell me if you don't think I'm correct. :)



  2. What a kind thing to say Deb. I have looked at the site and yes I see what you mean. I will be looking again as it has a lot to show me.

    Chales Sovek's paintings do make me think of Bonnard but updated by a century.

  3. Hi Roger

    I really like this one, the strong colour etc ...!

    Vanessa x