Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Breakfast Table - Experimental

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10 x 10 in  -  25 x 25 cm     Watercolor     I tried to approach this in a sort of Charles Reid style. However I had planned to keep, and did keep, more grey's that I think he would. I am sure he would use more colour and then of course would have produced a much better painting.

The ref was taken just over a year ago on the John Yardley course at Dedham Hall.

I have given the painting an "Experimental" designation because it is just that. I was not trying make the best looking painting that I could from the reference, instead I was trying to paint it a particular way in order to see how it would look at the end. So this makes it an experiment.

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  1. This painting is not quite similar with" Charles Reid style". I don't think he would keep more grey for the mid tone but a set of warm and fresh color to lighten it and strong hue for its shadow.