Sunday, May 18, 2008

A week with John Yardley

I have been away for another week of "Painting with John Yardley". John does not really go in for teaching, he doesn't see himself as a teacher he runs the week more as a holiday. He paints every morning, 'en plein aire' if the weather allows. We are free to watch him and ask questions. He finishes the half sheet painting (21 x 14 in  -  53 x 36 cm) in around two hours it's extraordinarily impressive to watch.

A John Yardley Painting

This is a painting that John did during the week. It is of boats on the Town Hard at Walton-on-the-Naze. He kindly lets us take photos of his work.

Below are three pieces of my work from our six days of painting.

Painting at Dedham Hall
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14 x 20 in  -  35 x 51 cm     Watercolor     Pleine aire is hard, well I find it hard. This was the first painting of the week and probably the best work I did all week.

This is roughly the view I had while painting. This is the group of us watching John paint. I did the house en pleine air and added the people afterwards.

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14 x 20 in  -  35 x 51 cm     Watercolor     Not much I can say about this except that I am still clearly finding pleine aire hard.

This is something like the view I had.

Venice Sparkle
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14 x 20 in  -  35 x 51 cm     Watercolor     Rain kept us in the studio on the Friday. This was my effort, done from a ref photo supplied by John.

For photos from the course use these links 2008 2007 or go via the RogerPf's photos sidebar on the right. Note each gallery has a slideshow option, use the link top right.

Addendum 2
In the comments I have been asked what "plein aire" is? It is from the french "en pleine aire" meaning "out in the fresh air" as opposed to painting in the studio.


  1. Roger, how exciting! It looks like you had a fabulous week and I really love your paintings. I agree that the first one is best. I can't imagine doing something like this plein aire. It looks like you've learned a lot from John Yardley! Congrats!!!

  2. I like all the paintings Roger, particularly your duck despite your comments! I am also intrigued - what is "plein aire"? Sounds as if you had a good time and gained a lot from it too ...
    Love Vanessa x

  3. Hello Roger, I wonder if you know how to get hold of John Yardley or how to find out about any courses he's going to run in the near future. My husband is a great admirer of his, and he paints in the same style, although with much less success! My husband would love to paint with him at some time.It looks like you enjoyed your day with Mr Yardley, so I hope you can help. regards sarah

  4. Sara you have not left an email address so I hope you read this.

    John holds two 'courses' a year at Dedham Hall. More 'painting with John' than a course.

  5. Just found your blog, Roger. I found out about John Y only recently when I was fortunate enough to gain some private lessons from Ron Ranson. You likely know of Ron's early book about Yardley. By searching on Google, found your site and have joined up. I am strongly attracted to this impressionistic style.