Saturday, May 03, 2008

Raven Beauty

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13 x 10 in  -  33 x 25 cm     Watercolor    
This painting started out with good intentions but quickly got away from me and became far too meticulous.

It's my fault I should have done more planning, more thinking, beforehand in order to get a looser free kind of work.

The reference photo was taken in Stresa at few weeks ago


  1. Roger, this isn't that far off. Try darkening the middle girl's legs and add a bit of tan to the girl on the right and I think you'll be pleased. The light legs draw the eye too much...IMHO!

    I love the rest of it...the background is fine. Dig it outta the bin.


  2. You are right about the lightness of her legs Pat but I think my "no fiddle" rule has to come into play and I will save the effort for a new painting.

    Many thanks for the comment.