Thursday, March 06, 2008

John Yardley copy - Roman Cafe

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10 x 14 in  -  25 x 36 cm     Watercolor     I painted this John Yardley copy well before I started this blog. It looks OK but when seen against John's original it does pale a lot.

When I showed this to John he just smiled a big smile and said "I think I recognise that".

This is John's original

Click the image to see a larger version of John's original

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  1. I copied a painting of Milford Zornes one time, but I changed the center of it a bit. When he stayed with us later, I brought it out to show him, and he told me to sign it myself because he thought I'd solved that much better than he did, but I didn't...I signed it properly with the 'after Milford Zornes' and am so happy I have it today. It was of one we bought for a wedding gift for his son.

    patdart, er, Pat