Friday, March 28, 2008

Approaching through the Grass

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14 x 21 in  -  35 x 53 cm     Watercolor     In theory this was supposed to be a two hour challenge but to be honest I ignored the time and probably went well over three hours. My personal challenge was just to paint this large. I am trying to get myself to paint larger.

This is the ref photo cropped from the original. You can see in my painting that I failed to follow the reference that well. The horses and riders in the reference are much larger a proportion of the image. The ref shapes of better. I wimped out and shrunk them down as I drew it. I guess this is one of the issues I must face when trying to paint larger.

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  1. Hi Roger, I just had to stop in and say that I totally am enjoying your work. It is like I am going on a journey with you as you travel this path we artists take. A very fine journey it is, I say.

    Your newest piece, "Approaching through the Grass" is my favorite as you have done a great job with color, composition and portraying the procession.

    I find I also am partial to Mat the dog. LOVE him.

    Peggy Allen