Friday, February 08, 2008

Turbaned Man

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10 x 14 in  -  25 x 36 cm     Watercolor     I am pleased with the way this painting turned out. While it is not so different from the reference the important thing for me was to get the white beard reading as "white" even though it has to be painted with definite colors.

Using only grays would not work because then the beard would jar with the rest of the painting and at best would just look, stuck on.

The reference is taken from a pre World War I (yes one) genuine color photo.

Some painting friends of mine encouraged me to darken and widen the eyes.

I not much of a one for altering paintings but I gave in this time. I'm not sure that changes, while an improvement make enough of a difference to really matter.


  1. I love it. Fellow Daily Painter's Webring artist
    Debi McSwain

  2. I agree it doesn't make much difference, in fact as a non painting friend I'm struggling to see it. Like the picture though