Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blue Swan

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14 x 10 in  -  36 x 25 cm     Watercolor    
For his weeks two hour challenge I picked the supplied photo of the swan. For me the challenge is to try to create the 'feel' of the water around the swan as depicted in THAT reference. I am not trying to paint any water. I am trying to get that water down on my paper.

The ref which I cropped slightly from the supplied original.

The swan itself is very simple to paint. Its shape is decided by how well you draw its outline. It really exists as a negative painting of the water.

Here is a close up of the head.

On the paper it is about 2 ins, 5 cm tall.

Did I succeed? Not quite, I did one too many layer on the water. I was trying to get the bottom section darker and that has broken the liquid flowing feel that should be there. Could have done better, is my verdict.

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