Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New York Corner

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16 x 12 in  -  40 x 30 cm     Acrylic    
I am coming to see that I keep painting "on the edge". That is 'on the edge' of my level of technique and understanding. I used to believe that painting would soon "get easier". I now can see that, it will never be like that. I keep moving what I paint and keep ending up balanced on the edge of failure or success.

This is very close to failing. The idea is to give the feel of that Corner of a New York street. In fact all my paintings are trying to do that. Trying to get a feel of what it was like, would be like to be there seeing that sight.

This is the ref I took in New York last year. I have shown more than I painted because that is what I was looking at while I painted.


Here it is in a frame

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