Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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10 x 8 in  -  25 x 20 cm   Acrylic
My aunt Joan will in 80 in a few weeks time. This is a portrait of my uncle, her husband Peter. Joan and Peter have been the only aunt and uncle I have ever known my father being an only child and my mother having only one sister, Joan.

This portrait is my present to her. She has asked that she be given no presents on her birthday and that if you really want to give something then pick a charity or she will suggest one. However there has always been an exception to such family rules and that is, presents that you have made yourself.

I know it looks a bit like an 'Art School' painting from the 70's but then I am very unskilled so that not so surprisingly. I do quite like this. Ideally I would like in future to mute some (and I do meant some) of the colours. But most importantly I want to paint with fewer and fewer strokes. I can live in hope.

I took the ref a few years ago at a family gathering.


Here it is in a frame.

Now I need to varnish it. There is a first for everything.


  1. You did an excellent job at capturing his likeness.

  2. I hope Aunt Joan liked it. It's very good