Saturday, December 01, 2007

On the Beach nearing Twilight

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9 x 10 in  -  23 x 25 cm     Acrylic     This will be the last challenge painting of the weekend.

The two goals I set myself were to try to duplicate the muted colors in the reference and to 'get the feeling' of the scene. I think I have to put a tick in both those boxes. However, it is true that the beach is painted a little too dark.

Despite getting almost where I was trying to do, it's not really 'there' as a painting. This may be an example of a subject that would have been better suited to the mood creating effects of watercolor.

I am going to have to start painting larger acrylics or at least only paint subjects that require a minimal amount of detail while I work in this 9 x 10 inch size range.

Ref shown by kind permission of the photographer.

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