Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monet copy - La Grenouillère (fragment)

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16 x 12 in  -  40 x 30 cm     Acrylic
I started this as another practice at getting the water, reflections and waves to look reasonable. Of course with this example Monet has done all the hard work.

After a while I realised that I was just trying to copy Monet's shapes and not really thinking. In a way that was a good exercise. Colour mixing, attempt at patterns but it was not what I has set out to do.

The fragment I selected was painted at the same size as Monet's original. My reference image is lacking definition so it is hard to see what how much additional detail he has painted but anyway my objective was not to paint the detail it was to get some of the feel that he had achieved and to that extent I am pleased with it.

The same fragment from Monet's original painting

The full original. For a bigger version see this link

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