Friday, December 07, 2007

Man in Blue Shirt

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16 x 12 in  -  40 x 30 cm     Acrylic
This was another two hour challenge. Sadly I went way over time. I doubt there is more than two hours work on display but I spent many cycles trying to get colours on the face any way near presentable.

It is always said that the fast drying time is the biggest problem with acrylic paint. That may be the point of view of an oil painter but as a watercolourist I can assure you that my main issue is colour mixing.

I suppose if the drying times were longer one could mix/blend on the canvas or board. With watercolour one swoosh of the brush in a mixing area and two colours are mixed. With acrylic and I assume oil as well you have a gooey mess with streaks of colour embedded it in.

The worst bit for me is that the brush loves to pick up and hold tiny flecks of color and out it comes when you place a stroke. Yes, I have a lot to learn.

The ref


Here it is in a frame.

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