Friday, December 21, 2007

The Gondolier

Click Image to see larger version in my gallery

8 x 12 in  -  20 x 30 cm     Acrylic     This is such a second rate execution of a painting that I nearly did not post it. But if I hide my poor results readers here will get to think I have some mastery over this medium.

Well what is wrong with it? Bitty, inconsistent in style and stoke. That the thumbnail looks good is because the overall tones are reasonable and the two nearly complimentary, main colours work well off each other. But if you look at the large version - lack of skill jumps out at you.

Enough said, at least now I can spend my time on the next painting.

The ref was taken in Venice back in April. For more pictures of Venice see the Photo side bar on the right in this blog.

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