Friday, December 14, 2007

The Corner

Click Image to see larger version in my gallery

16 x 20 in  -  40 x 50 cm     Acrylic     This is a two hour challenge painting. Surprisingly, well it surprised me, I took just about all the time. I did not draw anything first and the sky was quick to do. I guess I must be slow mixing paint.

I am pleased with it as I looks reasonable and was quick to paint, especially when you compare it to the previous painting "Bob and Vanessa". It does come over as a bit bit 'Hopper' meets the 'colors of Dali'.

The Ref cropped slightly from that supplied.


This is just about the easiest painting in the world to frame.

The reason is simple as it is painted on the MDF backboard of a frame. If you look at the larger gallery image you can see a mark on the top and on the right, these are where the hangers pierce the backboard.

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