Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bob and Vanessa

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8 x 12 in  -  20 x 30 cm     Acrylic     Bob and Vanessa are old friends.

The ref was taken in a very strong yellow light, probably tungsten. I don't like using flash and back when I took the photo I was not as skilled at setting up the camera to get the correct 'white balance' as I am now.

As for the painting itself. Well I have caught some of the Bob's likeness but not much of Vanessa's. This painting took many hours to complete. The early 'blocking in' was quick after that it was very slow. I have learnt a lot from this exercise. The main thing is that I have confirmed that I do not want to paint in a meticulous fashion. It's not for me. My aim is to be able to paint with bold strokes that can clearly be seen and yet look 'right' when seen from about 12 - 15 feet (3-4 meters).

This is, unsurprisingly, very like the way I want to paint in watercolour.


Here it is in a frame.

If Bob or Vanessa get to spot this post here in the blog - Hey you guys you are more than welcome to have the painting (sorry the likeness is not quite there) and you can have the frame as well.

The last time Bob had a painting off me, Copy of Vincent Van Gogh's - "Boats on the Beach" the poor fellow had to shell out £80 ($160) to get it framed.

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  1. Hi Roger,
    Less of the old if you don’t mind, but I think I think I can see you as a bold, yet “right” painter and understand the difficulty of slow and meticulous. But I think you’ve got a fair likeness and it would be good to compare with a “bold” painting one day. We’d love to take you up on the offer of the painting when you get tired of us “looking in” on you :-))