Sunday, November 11, 2007

Waverly Restaurant

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16 x 12 in  -  40 x 30 cm.    
I started by wanting to do an Edward Hopper style watercolor of a Cape Cod scene but foolishly I reached for my recent New Your refs and picked this crop view. Click the image to go to the original uncropped photo.

This has way more in common with Hoppers oils like Early Sunday Morning. I did indeed take this picture on a Sunday morning and it's not that far for where Hopper lived in Washington Square.

As you can see getting myself derailed from a loose Hopper style watercolor to his tighter oil style (done is watercolor) was not a great success. The point of the picture is? The largest weakness is that I make the pink building too light and that is the key to the interest in the painting. Plus there is way too much "drawing with the brush" never a good sign.

Edward Hopper - Early Sunday Morning - 1930


Here it is, in a frame.

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