Sunday, November 18, 2007

Green of the Sea

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16 x 12 in  -  40 x 30 cm.    
The photo that inspired this was taken on the south coast of England in on a bright but hazy September day.

This is a try out of some large block paper Hahnemuhle 'Cornwall - Rough' pager. Having used it I am not keen on it principally because the roughness is artificial. The plain 'hot pressed' should be more to my liking. Its advantage is that it is very thick 450 gm so should hardly buckle and to that extent it works as it should.

For me this is a large painting but I again fell into the trap of painting in a very controlled style. I wanted to be looser. Well there is always tomorrow.

Here is the photo that inspired the painting.

Here it is, in a frame.

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