Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nyhavn, Copenhagan

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14 x 10 in  -  36 x 25 cm.    
Painted as a two hour challenge but I over ran and came in at about 2 hours 20. There is more that should have been done the reflection of the stern of the boat is not right. But it will remind me to focus the time on the important things.

So overall, could be better, would be my judgement, but not bad considering the rush. I am no fan of taking a long time over a painting. The masters I have seen and most admire are those who get even large paintings done in around the two to three hour mark. They tend to go for a 'one touch' finish. I am thinking here of John Yardley and Charles Reid.

So enforced speed is good even if my results are currently only fare.

Here is the ref I worked from.

Shown by kind permission of the photographer.

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