Sunday, October 21, 2007

Honfleur Quayside

Click Image to see larger version in my gallery

12 x 16 in  -  30 x 41 cm.     What a mess, if you wanted to know what an overworked watercolour looks like then this is a good example. The faults are extensive -

  • Overworked reflections.
  • Drawing with the brush (the chairs). Brushes are normally for painting, if you do otherwise then you had better understand why.
  • Not thinking as you paint. The reflections of the buildings and the buildings themselves do not line up.
  • Done at a number of sittings, so done in a number of different approaches (energy levels) and it shows. The dark red canvas giant table covers are good but the don't quite fit with the painted style of the buildings above or the coloured awnings below.

Note to self - large does not mean slower or more detailed. Keep the single thought in the head and get it done.

Here is the reference photo. I took it back in May 2005.

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