Thursday, September 13, 2007

Three Sheep

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14 x 10 in  -  36 x 25 cm.    
This was also a "challenge painting" from a shared reference photo. I cropped a much larger reference down to these three fellows. The theory behind this approach is roughly.

  • Get an interesting set of shapes. It is good if they intersect the edge of the painting. This is why I choose this particular crop of the reference photo all three heads shapes cut a boundary.

  • Draw (and Paint) the shapes with reasonable accuracy. My drawings are quick and freehand but I am always trying to get the key core shapes. For example, that ear of that sheep. Not just any ear but that ear.

  • Paint the tones correctly. Get the darks (correctly) dark and the lights (correctly) light.

  • The color then won't matter - If you get the first three things right then almost any colors will work.

It can be surprisingly hard to get the tones correct when using strange colours so the painting stage needs more thought and preparation than you might expect.

After all that did it work - I will leave you to judge but it was fun to paint.

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